Has more than 20 years of mold industry experience and company management 

experience. He has been the general manager of Russian company since 2020, 

and is responsible for overseas business of the group. With rich management 

experience and innovation consciousness, an excellent technical manager.

Cao Mingliang

General Manager

He is the head of marketing department of Higrade RUS LLC., and graduated from Jilin University with bachelor degree in Russian Major, and engaged in Russian trade and overseas market for a long terms. 

His goal: To create more value on the platform of  Higrade,  

and  achieve a win-win situation, a must win situation !

Hui Dejun

Chief of Marketing Department

He is familiar with the management and operation of the home appliance and automobile industry, and with unique management modes and methods in product production, R&D, material control and quality management;

He focused the innovation and development  on pressed metal parts,injection molding parts of home appliance and automobile for 21 years.He accumulated rich experience and skills with outstanding result, and familiar with the process of metal stamped parts,injection parts, mechanical processing,  development of stamping die for home appliance & automotive, production, quality control, layout planning, R&D of automation project, continuous production improvement, improve efficiency, personnel Optimization, all of these made a solid foundation for capabilities of order guarantee. 

He has good organization and coordination capabilities and strong team management awareness for production of metal stamped & injection molded parts, mould & tooling,  technology, new product development, quality improvement, and factory layout.

Xu Baofeng

Chief of Production Department

She worked as the chief accountant for 15 years in Kamas which is a leading company in Chelny, Russia.She has extensive experience in financial management and good at interpreting finance and financial affairs with a professional perspective. 


Accountant in Charge

He was the general manager of engineering department, then served as the deputy general manager of logistics company in Chelny city.  Proficient in business, and could quickly solved difficult problems in administration, operation, and purchasing affairs.


Chief of Administrative Department

He engaged in workshop management for 14 years,and started working at the grassroots level and be good at researching new management methods to improve production efficiency.


Workshop Manager

She engaged as a quality engineer with excellent business ability for 5 years. practical, pragmatic, hard-working, responsible for quality monitoring, project development, and company system establishment. 

She is a good example for colleagues in Russian company.


Director of Quality Inspection Department

He graduated from Lenin's alma mater-Kazan Federal University with a doctorate. Engaged in translation and project docking work for 3 years, with unique insights into the relationship between local Russian culture and local society.

He is a long-term local staff of Higrade in Russia.

Song Wenjun

Director of the General Manager Office